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Volunteer with MoveOn

MoveOn's work is only possible because of the tireless work of the thousands of people who are a part of the Volunteer Network.

We do everything from responding to thousands of member emails, to sending millions of text messages, to training and supporting other members to lead in their communities. And oftentimes, we take the lead ourselves! No matter your skills and areas of interest, there’s something for everyone in the Volunteer Network.

Here’s some of what’s in store for you in our MoveOn volunteer network community:

  • Exclusive access to MoveOn communication channels for you to connect with other MoveOn volunteers to strategize, share tips for events you’re hosting and swap resources.

  • Opportunities for exclusive training, caucuses, working groups and scholarships.

  • Being the first to know when national mobilizations are planned-and having a place to pitch mobilizations when you think it’s needed.


Text Team

MoveOn’s Text Team uses the power of peer-to-peer (p2p) text messaging to mobilize members and voters across the country to take meaningful action on a number of MoveOn campaigns, actions and events.


The MoveOn Text Team is for MoveOn members who

  • Are passionate about progressive change while balancing a busy schedule.
  • Enjoy using technology to motivate and inspire members and voters to take action.
  • Have access to a computer or mobile device that supports internet connectivity!

Members of the Text Team are a key point of contact for hundreds, maybe thousands, of other MoveOn members and progressive voters who are ready to build a more inclusive, progressive future.

Community Support

MoveOn’s Community Support Team provides critical assistance to MoveOn’s campaigns and  mobilizations. Community Support also works with our Organizing Team to coach, support and assist MoveOn members.

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The MoveOn Community Support Team is for MoveOn members who

  • Want to support MoveOn campaigning work, including rapid response mobilizations, petition campaigns, and other related special projects – Campaigns & Mobilizations Squad.

  • Want to support our members and our internal Volunteer Network teams by answering questions, sharing resources and troubleshooting tech and tools – Team & Member Support Squad.

  • Want to recruit, coach, and train Mobilizers and MoveOn members to organize successfully, take action and build their community and digital organizing skills – Recruitment & Training Squad.

Members of the Community Support Team are a vital part of the work of MoveOn to advance our campaigns, organizing events and engaging in rapid response around the issues that are so important to MoveOn members.

MoveOn Mobilizers

MoveOn Mobilizers are a vibrant community of activists from around the country. They are our most active volunteers and work to build community online through our Mobilizers app. MoveOn Mobilizers mobilize offline through actions like protests, rallies and meetings. In the age of COVID 19, MoveOn Mobilizers are adapting to take actions back online through training, monthly calls and other safe tactics to drive change.


The MoveOn Mobilizers is for MoveOn members who

  • Are action oriented. Have you attended three or more MoveOn events in the past year? Have you hosted an event in the past two years as part of MoveOn’s national days of action? Have you participated in a MoveOn training program? You may be a good fit for our MoveOn Mobilizers Team.

  • Want to stay involved. These members enjoy engaging in discussions, attending events and trainings, and/or organizing events in their community.

  • Are committed to an inclusive and progressive future.

Members of the Mobile Mobilizers Team are passionate about creating a world marked by equality, sustainability, justice, and love. And we mobilize together to achieve it.

Progressive Coders

Do you have tech skills that you’re willing to lend to MoveOn?

We’ve transitioned much of our process for building progressive tech to open channels where anyone can participate.

We’ve been collaborating on tech projects with the Progressive Coders Network and other partner organizations, and we’d like to start collaborating with you.

You can take a look at our live projects at opensource.moveon.org, or view the codebase for projects on MoveOn’s projects on GitHub.

We’re looking forward to getting you plugged in!

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