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How MoveOn members are taking action against gun violence

THANK YOU to the tens of thousands of MoveOn members who’ve contributed to our work supporting student-led organizing and working more generally to confront the NRA. MoveOn has a history of confronting the NRA and working to make real progress in fighting gun violence. Since the massacre in Parkland, MoveOn members have stepped up to […]

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MoveOn Announces Plans for $15M ‘Resist and Win’ 2018 Election Mobilization to End GOP Control of U.S. House

Organization’s millions of members will also support emerging progressive leaders at the state and local level and mobilize in key Senate races Group pledges accountability for congressional votes on health care, taxes, and Dream Act, and for rubber-stamping Trump’s agenda With recent election results in Alabama, Virginia, and elsewhere indicating that progressives are energized, prepared […]

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What MoveOn Members Accomplished in 2017

In what is likely the darkest political moment many of us have experienced, and at a time when Trump, his administration, and Republicans in Congress are doing tremendous harm, Americans of all walks of life—women donning pink hats, Dreamers courageously risking their future, and so many more—helped light the spark of Resistance that has yielded light and hope.

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Georgia MoveOn Members Endorse Stacey Abrams for Governor

Georgia members of MoveOn.org Political Action have voted overwhelmingly—with 82.5% of votes cast in favor—to endorse Stacey Abrams for Governor. MoveOn.org has more than 125,000 members in Georgia. In the endorsement vote, MoveOn members praised Abrams’ career-long commitment to progressive causes, including Medicaid expansion, debt-free college, and criminal justice reforms. Abrams is the first woman […]

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MoveOn members play crucial role to defend health care

When Trump was elected president, the repeal of the Affordable Care Act—and much worse—seemed inevitable. Then the people rose up. MoveOn have been at the center of it all. Here’s how it happened. MoveOn’s first national day of action against Trumpcare came on December 20, 2016. Protests in dozens of cities nationwide, with thousands participating. […]

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